The Grapes' self-titled debut album is an indelible Australian pop classic of 1999. Sherry Rich and Ashley Naylor, two cult heroes from the country-pop and rock'n'roll ends of Melbourne's musical underground, were thrown together on a hunch by their record label. Their effortless meeting of hearts and harmony was a chance encounter with shared roots decades deep in the beat pop innocence of mid '60s jangle and the timeless sob and sigh of the great country singer-songwriter tradition. A small but perfectly formed masterpiece was born. Each has since followed their own path to individual glories from Even to the Mudcakes and Paul Kelly's band to solo albums of rare craft and lustre.

In 2013, The Grapes released their second album, 'Western Sun.’ All songs penned, produced and played by the duo, featuring gritty and swooning songs of lifelong love, separation, loss, longing and reunion that dwell in the twangsome twilight between childhood dreams and grown up reflection and bookended by an instrumental title track that rings like an invocation of pure melancholy.