Dusty Ravens are bringing their brand of Mexicali-Americana to the Wesley Anne front bar to usher in Christmas day South of the Border style.

Dusty Ravens music traverses the landscape around the US-Mexico border – from Tuscon Arizona to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and beyond. Snippets of Americana and Country are pulled along the trail with them in the dust. Sprinkle the lot with some Spaghetti Western hot sauce and you get the idea.

The band released their first album Stories of Love and Death late in 2014 which saw them described as ‘dealers in the authentic’ and they’re now putting the finishing touches on their second album for release in March next year.

Get your dose of trumpet, mellophone, tenor horn, double bass and guitar and a take on Mexican musical culture that is a genuine and accomplished one from this Sydney band on their first Melbourne visit.

Two sets, free in the front bar.