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$10 -  Band Room

1.45pm: Cameron Murray - Cameron Murray has been playing the ukulele since childhood. A regular on the Aussie uke scene, he’s a George Formby-like strummer who enjoys performing original songs, as well as classic tunes from the 1920s and ’30s. He’s also a keen uke collector and the publisher of KAMUKE Ukulele Magazine. 

2.30pm: Amie Brûlée - Amie and her small stringed friend bring you fabulous songs in seductively vintage style. Recently spotted in Paris with her ukulele (that’s ukulélé in French), she sings an eclectic mix of French chansons, vintage jazz, and other tunes that cross her path and take her fancy. 

3.15pm: Mysterious Mose - The Mose continue their toe-tapping brand of jug music on both classic instruments and bits of reinvented domestic paraphernalia - if there is anything missing from your shed or kitchen, it'll probably be up on stage with them! They whomph, whine, scrape & rattle through traditional early 20th Century jugband songs, including Blues, Jazz, hokum & swing, but have added originals and more recently some sweet ukulele-rich Hawaiian numbers to the mix. 

4.00pm: Abe Dunovits - Abe is a musician and artist from Argentina via Spain who has lived in Australia since he was in his teens. His music accomplishments encompass playing several instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, double bass, singing, percussion and piano in a variety of styles and genres, particularly Afro-Latin styles. He is an experienced performer and has played in front of many people along the way, from the streets to festival stages, and has recorded in professional studios with his original music as a solo acoustic act and in his bands. 

4:45pm: Someone Else’s Wedding Band - They say the best of things can be formed in the ashes and swamps of other things. Like that bit at the end of Planet of the Apes about we all really know where we came from and now we just have to work out how we got there and consider changing our ways or resort to primitive calculators. Such wonderings brought together the duo that make up Someone Else's Wedding Band. Their attempt to break the formula for soundscapes brings about a melodic wheel of fortune - sometimes a pop, sometimes a hum, sometimes a harsh electric shattering twang. 



Earlier Event: October 29
Later Event: October 30