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Borrowed Verse: Dirt Hand, Jessie L Warren, Matt Hetherington, Maria Zajkowski, Alex Bell



Featuring sets from a collection of acclaimed musicians and poets, Borrowed Verse presents an evening of poetry and song. The show will premiere a series of new collaborations, including the launch of Borrowed Verse’s first single, The Mountain and the River, a song by Alex Bell based on a poem by Pablo Neruda. 

Dirt Hand is the solo alias of Melbourne-based songwriter Arun Roberts. After playing with the likes of Seja, Oh Ye Denver Birds, and The Dreaded Rear Admiral, his first shows as Dirt Hand quickly opened the doors to an opportunity to record his first EP with Sam Cromack of Ball Park Music and an opening support for globetrotting pop-chanteuse Lia Mice.

Jessie L Warren is the brains trust behind HALFSHARK and Carry Nation, as well as a vocalist in projects like half/cut and Golden Arrow. She writes songs about humankind (dead and alive), animal hierarchy, friendship, confusion and the ocean, where she would rather live than in Melbourne, if at all possible.

Matt Hetherington is a writer, music-maker, gourmet Indian chef, soccer nut, bludger, and lover based in Brisbane. His fourth collection of poetry, For Instance (Mulla Mulla Press), features all-Japanese-related forms. Matt was recently shortlisted for the Philip Bacon Ekphrasis Award.

Maria Zajkowski has published extensively in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the USA, and is a previous winner of the Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize. 

Moved by the captivating hum of the natural world, Alex Bell transforms traditional folk and country forms into magically modern and original music.

Earlier Event: February 21
Later Event: February 24