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A collision of spicy guitar licks, reggae-jazzy basslines and contagious hard Latin beats make the refreshing uprising sound of Nativosoul, the band that generates an ass-shaking rhythm with uncontrollable skilful arrangements. A wild and colourful cosmopolitan blend represented in a boundary-crossing urban musical fusion. 

This distinctive band features the talents of Angelo Francalanci, a guitarist who conquers the place with a bluesy voice that can suddenly turn from a soulful salsa singer to an aggressive Rastafarian MC; , a powerful rhythm section consisting of Juansito Mulet, innovative on Latin percussion with an ability to execute several styles; Tom Oliver, drumming through a fresh approach from the old school to contemporary world music; Dan Sipple, a six-string wizard who harmonizes all over the fretboard and fill up unknown spaces with his melodic vocal arrangements; James Lloyd, an experienced bassist who makes the low frequencies shake the very foundations of every room. 

While remaining faithful to their traditional influences and believing in the fact that language barrier in music context does not exist, they have designed their own multi-cultural sound and multi-lingual lyrics, expressing each song in a different way; poetical, mystical and unashamedly fighting against social differences with an anti-violence message.

Earlier Event: March 13
Later Event: March 15