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Earthy, vibrant, original eastern-tinged jazz with exotic rhythms and cinematic beauty...a musical journey through ancient landscapes. Two years into our adventures in lush, cinematic, world fusion music, Samassin have finished recording their first album. The originals on this album “Golden Muse” are rich with exotic melodies and grooves, each piece a vivid and emotional journey. Written by Kirsty Pittman and beautifully interpreted by the band, these enigmatic compositions draw on the influences of jazz and traditional rhythmic ideas from the Middle East and Turkey. 

The sound is rich and textured and the quartet's members play with passion and energy, with each musician equally comfortable soloing or playing as part of the ensemble. The connection between the players is also worth-noting: it's clear that these four know they are creating a special sound.     

Cath Ferla, Freelance Journalist    

Earlier Event: April 9
Later Event: April 10