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Keegan Joyce doesn’t much like talking about himself, much less in third person. So he asked me to do it – his little brother…mistake.

He began performing really young, maybe even too young, but he hasn’t stopped – I mean, he could have done something more meaningful. I mean sure, writing brilliant lyrics about his life that are both heartfelt and entertaining while entwining them with charming and engaging melodies is all well and good, but I’m sure that he could have found a way that he could have impacted the world more thoroughly. 

On second thought, maybe he should stick to the music. He sent me other people’s Bio’s, so I could get an idea of what they’re like, but they have more quotes - but people haven’t really heard Keegan’s own music - so here are some quotes from when he was 12:

“The title role is played with innocence to burn by Keegan Joyce, whose singing of the poignant Where is Love? is meltingly good….” - The Age (2002)

“Keegan Joyce embodied a suitably demure, pure-voiced and charming Oliver” - The Sydney Morning Herald - 2002

What’s annoying is my friends like his show’s ‘Please Like Me’ and Rake on the ABC. But if I wanted to watch my brother kiss people on television…well, safe to say, I don’t.

He keeps on sending me his songs for the album – I am always willing to write a positive and feel-good ‘yeh, nice’ or even a ‘great job bro’ if I’m in a good mood – but let’s be real, brotherly love is really just that. I showed a friend (one of his so-called ‘fans’) a song or two – they loved it, said ‘the melodies felt enchanting and familiar yet somehow surprising and capturing.’ I think they’re just sad songs.

He’s continuously updating ridiculous photos of himself on his Instagram and Twitter (@keeganjoyce) which I have obviously followed to give him the numbers, but seriously are people actually interested in this stuff?

Anyway – come to the show please, I don’t want him to notice I’m not there.



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