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$5 - Band Room

Tuesdays seem to be this day that we all wish we had something RAD to do, but found out that our friends are responsible and places don't really have much on. 

Got a bit boring and we got a bit itchy, so times are changing and we want you to jam. We want you to feel inspired. We want you to be excited. Mainly, we want to drink with you all, have a dance, paint a canvas and meet some really swell kids. 

Wesley Anne's PB&J jam nights are all about collaboration -- no matter who you are, what you kick it with and what your job is. 

We lined up some truly sublime musicians, some local underground art legends and smooshed them together in one delicious peanut-butter-and-jelly-creation-extravaganza-sandwich!

Getting into your audio heart:

James Teague  


Chicken Wishbone

We will have a blank canvas for all you jam lovin' pals who feel inspired and want to paint up a storm to the music you will fall in love with. 

Watch this space for our artists pieces and more delicious line up announcements...

Earlier Event: March 26
Later Event: March 30