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Free, front bar

Hailing from Scalloway, a small fishing village on the Shetland Islands north east of Scotland, Duncan Phillips is an emerging talent on the Australian music scene. As an original songwriter he found the perfect outlet for his music in the Melbourne venues and the public radio stations the city has to offer.

Duncan had the good fortune to grow up in a house where music was an important part of everyday life. His mother was the booker for the world renowned Shetland Folk Festival and his step father fronted Shetland’s number one blues/rock band. This meant that he got to meet and learn first hand from local and international musicians from an early age. He picked up his first guitar aged eight and by fourteen he was taking part in local gigs and festivals. Over the years he has played many styles in many different ensembles, which has lead him musically to where he is today.

Later Event: 10 June