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Story Wise Women

Band Room // $10-$15

Women's experiences are different, how we see the world, how we are treated in the world, how we make sense of the world are unique and diverse.

Women's stories are not heard as loudly, as often, as seriously or as humourously as they could be.

Women need space and time to tell, to be heard, to listen and connect through sharing our experiences, through our crafted stories. We need to make sense of our lives in a way that brings peace and hope to the events that have shaped us, as we then in turn shape them into a story. We then give this as part gift part message to our audience and know ourselves in a deeper way.

This is an open opportunity eight women to tell a 5 - 8 minute true story - no notes, it happened to you, and for the rest of us to listen. There is no obligation to tell a story, in fact listeners are needed just as much as tellers.

September Theme: Play

Tell us a story about play: playing a trick, a board or a sports game, a scripted story or plain old fashioned child's play. Play with the theme, the story, your listeners or yourself. Loosen up and have some fun, or get hardline about the rules. If you've ever played with kids, been a kid, cheated, or been cheated on, had white line fever, played the game or been played for a fool, been to the theatre or played with yourself, you've got a play story to share.

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