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Singer-songwriter Isaac de Heer creates warm and expansive folk numbers, lyrical prose, and poetic soundscapes. His eclectic approach sees him drawing inspiration far and wide – from the inner city scum of Melbourne, to cobblestone towns high in the Andes, gathering ideas and instruments along the way.

 Helping bring de Heer’s expanding repertoire of recorded material to life on stage, is talented guitarist David Gatica, who adds a real depth to the arrangements, with layered slide guitar and vocals.

 "His music evokes long car trips through beautiful countryside and nights around bonfires. De Heer's voice is smooth, though it is his instrumentation and melodic arrangements that are his true strength…. Title track and set closer, Summer is a true beauty, with lyrics written by De Heer's grandfather that were found after his passing, arranged to a gentle, nostalgic Bon Iver-reminiscent melody." - The Music

Earlier Event: May 20
Later Event: May 21