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Story Wise Women

Band Room // $15 adult, $10 concession+BF

Story Wise Women is a place for women to be heard and bear witness, be moved and connected, make meaning and laugh. It is Melbourne's only storytelling event for women. This is an open opportunity 8 - 10 women to tell a 5 - 10 minute true story - no notes, it happened to you, and for the rest of us to listen. There is no obligation to tell a story, listeners are needed just as much as tellers.

Theme Food
Tell us a story about the best meal, the worst, the time you burnt it all, including the curtains, that cafe meal when he told you it was over, the restaurant where you first held her hand. Share your grandmother's recipe, the family favourite or the birthday feasts. Tell us about the smells of home, the preparing and the processing the growing, washing and chopping. Tell us when you gagged, had a touch of gluttony or heaved it all overboard. What about the gastro, the dieting, the purging and the allergies, addictions and appetizers. Preserve it all in a tale for the depth of Winter.

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